The Snowflake Streak — a one-mile fundraising walk — helps fund Saint Vincent Clinic. And everyone can get involved, from children, teens to adults and seniors.   Walk to help Saint Vincent serve the poor and uninsured. And there’s plenty of fun, laughter and comradery.


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Do it for the patients

Patients like Frances need ongoing healthcare to continue working and making a living. Without it, her lung disease would rob her from taking vital breaths, and she’d end up in the emergency room.

“At Saint Vincent, they really care for my health and for me.  It’s given me hope for a healthier future.  I had the opportunity to improve my health and I listened to my doctor’s advice.  I found a new job that’s free from dust, cold and mold.”

Frances, Saint Vincent patient

“It’s really rewarding to see so many area businesses, civic groups, schools and families join forces to help those in our community who have no health insurance.  Together we are making a difference.”

Ron Romig, 2016 Snowflake Grand Marshal


The ongoing medical care provided at Saint Vincent Clinic helps the uninsured poor of our community get healthy and back on their feet.  When you register for the Snowflake Streak, you’ll help these patients get back on track!


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